Top 20 Best LG V30 Case

This device has a very beautiful design especially due to the dual rear camera setup. Apart from this look, it has the number of features and function which makes this device remarkable LG V30 is one of the high-end extraordinary devices and the number of drop tests has been passed by this device. Still, I recommend you to get one case for it to protect it because the security is always important especially when it comes to our expensive and loving phone. We get very attached to our phone so why not get one durable and stylish case to keep it safe, new and alive.

Well, in that case, I have brought some of the trustworthy and stylish back cases for your LG V30 which will protect your device without affecting the premium look that it has. So, let’s see some of the cases available along with their price (price may vary depending upon the sellers)-​

Best LG V30 Cases

1. LG V30 OtterBox Defender Series

Not only for LG V30, but OtterBox is recognized for its durability and the strong quality of material used in making the cases. It has a hard back shell which protects it from the jerk and the perfect fitting case blocks the entrance of dust.

The case also comes with the clip which you can hold in the belt. It comes with the screen protector which prevents the screen from being scratched and accidental damages.

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2. LG V30 TPU Nature SPARIN

If you don’t want to put a curtain over your expensive and stylish outlook of your device, then go for the transparent SPARIN Soft Cover on your LG V30. The cover is made up of TPU material which makes it durable.

This case is very thin which does not add much weight to your device. It has perfect cutouts for the buttons, sensor, and camera but the headphone jack port cut fits only for the original headphone coming with LG V30.​

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3. Tech21 Evo Check LG V30 Case

This case uses the high quality and standard material called FlexShock that is strong enough to absorb the shock and forceful impact of the phone. The design is quite simple but made rough making the grip cuts in a diamond shape which makes it convenient to hold in hand.

The cuts are made so precisely that the ports and the buttons are easily accessible. Besides these, the material quality used in the case makes it durable.​

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4. LG V30 Gold and Gray Incipio DualPro Case

This case is different from all the above cases as it features to cover for the volume and the power buttons which really sounds impressive. The color combination of it is so nice making borders at the upper part, cuts, and buttons that it gives a very rich look to the phone.

The dual material used in the case gives high protection to the phone. The outer shell is hard whereas the inner part is made up soft layer which holds the phone nicely and protects the interior from jerks.​

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5. Presion LG V30 Crystal Clear Case

This case may get the comment that it is not strong as the other case but the point lies that if you want to showcase the charm of your LG V30 then this is the case you can go for.

It is very flexible and provides enough protection to the phone to make it safe from minor jerks and finger stains. It structures nice cutouts for the ports and the buttons.​

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6. EAGO Shockproof LG V30 Case

If you want a good grip in the cover of your LG V30 then this is the best choice for you. It fits your phone without adding any substantial weight or makes the phone look thick. The cuts are made precise enough for easy and convenient access to buttons and ports.

The material used in the case is Silicone and Polycarbonate. The inner side is made up of silicon which gives a smooth catch to the phone whereas the outer shell is made up of Polycarbonate making the case durable.​

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7. Arae LG V30 Wallet Case

This cover is designed like a flip cover available in 4-5 different colors. It is made with artificial leather. It has the magnetic zipper which helps to keep the screen safe from the scratches.

It also has the hanging strand fitted to it (can be removed if not needed). It is very simple in design, yet gives premium look to the phone.

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8. Ringke TPU Defensive Case for LG V30

It is the anti-slip cover for your LG V30 with the flexible body. It has the curved design which makes it resist the force when fallen on the ground making it safe from the damage. TPU material used in the interior part helps to keep the phone scratch resistant. It also has the advanced shock and the jerk resistant technology used in the cases.

It is available in Black, Mist Gray, and Midnight Navy colors so you will definitely not leave the case due to color unavailability. The edge of the front part is raised which helps to protect the screen of the phone from scratches.​

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9. LG V30 Case by Suensan

This case is made up of PC material which makes it a lightweight without compromising the durability. This case is available in different colors including golden which is my favorite.

In spite of being light and thin case, it ensures the full protection of the device from the normal jerks and scratches definitely. It also has the perfect precision and cuts on the cover to access the buttons, sensors and the ports.​

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10. LG V30 Zizo Bolt Case Series

This case offers you varieties of colors i.e. around 9-10 colors so there are now very low chances that you will leave this case due to the color unavailability. It has passed the Military Grade Drop Tests so you need not worry about the damage occurring due to normal accidents.

You can use you phone handsfree as this cover is built with a kickstand. It also comes with 9H hardness tempered glass which keeps the screen safe. Besides these, this will also provide grip to hold on your hand.​

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11. LG V30 Mstechcorp Heavy Duty Combo Set Case

This covers giving the dual layer protection to your phone. The outer shell is made up of Polycarbonate which protects it from harsh jerks and shock whereas the inner TPU material protects the jerks to move inside the cell.

It has the belt clip which rotates 360 degrees that make it easier to use with the phone during playing games, traveling and any works. It provides a separate corner and side cushions to protect it from heavy jerks when fallen accidently.​

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12. LG V30 Geometric Design Parallax Series

This case has the 3D geometric pattern and the dual layer protection. The back panel is printed in four different colors in a diamond shape. The outer shell is made up of thermoplastic to protect from the shock whereas the inner part is made up of polycarbonate material giving it a tight hold on the phone.

The upper part has raised edge which helps to protect the screen from the scratch and the smudges. It has perfect cuts with raised bezels and the power and volume key covers. The covers over the buttons make it more comfortable to use them.​

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13. VRS Design Military Grade LG V30 Case

This case has the very simple but stunning look which seems to be like numerous straight lines spread over the back panel. There is the dual layer protection made up of two components which are polycarbonates and TPU layers which make it very durable.

The metal kickstand makes it easy for handsfree use and the ports and buttons on the phone are easily accessible as the cutouts are perfectly made.​

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14. Spigen Rugged Armor LG V30 Case

In terms of style and finishing, this case will definitely match your expectation as it uses smooth black TPU shell which makes the case strong. The glossy and premium look arising out of carbon fiber makes it good for in-hand feel.

Coming to the interior part, it uses the Air Cushion Technology and Web Pattern like that of spider web which helps to protect it from jerks and shock absorbent. This case will keep your LG V30 safe from accidental damage.​

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15. iVoler Ultra-Thin Transparent LG V30 Case

This case definitely would be your choice if you want to showcase your stunning LG V30 along with the protection from dust, scratch, and jerks. The front part of the case is raised up so as to prevent the screen from the scratch.

It has perfect cutouts for easy use of the hardware buttons and functionalities like camera, sensor, IR Blaster and Fingerprint Scanner.​

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16. SOJITEK Brown Handmade Grain Leather Wallet Case

This cover is not only gives you the in-hand feel but also the premium feel to your eyes due to the quality and color of leather it uses. It offers smart slide-up and push-up feature to use the camera conveniently.

It has four slots build inside the flip part which is made specifically to keep the cards. As it is a flip-cover model the mobile will get dual side protection from dust and drops.​

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17. Casotec Hard Back Case with Print Design

If the choice goes to the protection of the phone without compromising the style and the beauty, then this can be your choice. It has Cute Teddy Bear printed at the back panel and the raised edges to avoid the scratch on the screen.

This cover is simple and thinks so you need not worry that your phone may look bulky. It has perfectly cut made to the required part so that the features and buttons can be accessed.​

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18. Vinve Folio PU Leather LG V30 Cover

This cover is made up of high-quality artificial leather which feels smooth and it gives dual protection to the phone as it is designed to be a Flip Cover Model. It ensures safety not only to the back panel but also to the screen.

The simple and the fit design gives the rich look to the cover which ultimately makes your phone look good. It has perfectly cut parts to give full access to the buttons.​

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19. Omoton LG V30 Case with Kickstand

This case is specially designed for the protection of the device which can be clearly seen from its exterior formation. The case is made up of polycarbonate at its outer part whereas the inner part is made up of lenient TPU with air cushion technology that makes it shock absorbent.

When it comes to protection from accidental drop then this is the best you can have. To maintain your comfort to the expected level while watching movies it has Kickstand fitted to it.​

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20. NageBee- Premium PU Leather Wallet Pouch

When it comes to the proper protection then the pouch is the best as it protects not only the back panel but the screen as well. This case looks very premium and stylish as it fits the phone without hiding the design it has.

It also has the pouch divided inside to keep the Debit and Credit Cards, ID Card, Travel Cards or some important notes. To make it convenient for you to watch movies it has the kickstand as well. So, it is an overall package multi-purpose case for our LG V30 phone.​

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Here I have shared some of the expensive, durable, stylish and premium collection of cases for your LG V30 phone. The choice ultimately depends on what you want for your phone, what is your preference and price obviously. I have picked up all the categories of the covers that will definitely match up your expectations and search. Hopefully, this article was helpful for you to get one good cover for your LG V30. Please share your experience if you have any regarding the quality or description of the aforementioned cases.

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