Best Spark Plugs Review and Buying Guide 2018

Whether you have heavy duty car or light car the highly responsive Spark Plugs will surely suit your need. But the question is now which is the best Spark Plugs for your car. When you check online or go for the nearby store you got confused with lot of option. It is better to check our article which will save your time and money both. Before moving ahead to the best spark plugs for your car we should not miss the details about the types of spark plugs.

Best Spark Plugs Review

1. Denso (4504) Double Platinum Spark Plug : Cost Effective Spark plug

Denso Double Platinum Spark Plug is so responsive and with the twin tip technology it offers double magic. One is 11 mm platinum center electrode while the other is 11 mm titanium electrode which increases the fuel economy. With the double spark plugs the car functions better and start faster than the one. It has purified alumina powder insulator that gives major positive changes and the result for the better power.

It is good for all kind of vehicles and improves the longevity of the engine by giving not stress to it. It gives consistence in the performance and controls better with its peculiarity.​

2. BOSCH 4501FGR8DQI Platinum IR Fusion Spark Plug

Bosch is a well known brand and it manufactures plenty of items for the vehicles. It has potential to offers best to your car and its spark plugs have limitless features to make your car more flexible on road. This will give the faster and better engine to perform for your vehicles. Its performance is better and fast. It can control the fuel consumption as there will be less stress on the engine. It has fused iridium and Platinum electrode and there is gap that provides air for getting good spark that proves that there will be less exertion or less stress.

Best Bosch FGR8DQI Platinum IR Fusion Spark Plugs

The unexceptional performance with the 4 yttrium that will speed up electrodes is incredible. It is good in self cleaning so you will be tension free wherever you are taking your car. The pricing is absolutely reasonable and your car can go extra miles than general. The car runs smoother even you have driven your car roughly. Fuel economy is better.​

3. AC Delco 41-993 Professional Iridium Spark Plug : Best Iridium Spark Plug

This brand of spark plugs offer best performance as comes with various features. The Iridium offers better engine stability and unquestionable performance. No heat while you start your vehicle and extra responsive acceleration. It quickly burns away the carbon deposits which it stores at the tip of the plug. It improves fuel economy so the new and good spark plugs will save you from undue expenses. The stability in performance due to the idle engine and the presence of the iridium gives efficient electrode.

The responsiveness in this AC Delco iridium spark plug is faster and better. It does not produce exertion and wire of the iridium helps in saving the fuel consumption. So do not hesitate to buy this for your car if you want smooth running car.

this is one of the best iridium spark plug.​

Autolite is double platinum spark plugs so it performs far better than single. It is featured with platinum to platinum firing so no question of gap erosion. It is durable and minimizes the misfires. You can expect the superior performance from your car after having good spark plugs like Autolite. It is not expensive and at the same time feature rich. It is compatible with most of the vehicles. This is one of the best spark plugs which has great fit and does not create problem when you go for even long drive as it gives better mileage.

5. NGK (5464) BKRSEIX-11 Iridium IX Spark Plug

NGK is designed in a manner that it will give good performance surely due to its good fit and better throttle and superb anti-fouling. It has various things that you cannot overlook its priority over other brands. This spark plug has longer insulator nose, triple gasket steal plating and the corrugated ribs and they do their respective job in preventing the fouling, gas leakage and flashover. The Iridium Alloy of this spark plug is having good melting point due to this feature engine will not suffer stress with the maintained heat and electrical wear.

​NGK give lubrication better and you are all set to have the smoother and faster driving without much stress when you start your car. The price is budget friendly and the review about this model is convincing so no more wait as it is only few clicks away for the car owner.

Denso Iridium Spark plug is 6 times harder and 8 times stronger than platinum. Whether you are driving your car at rough road car’s engine will perform better. This spark plug is so reliable and known for its longevity. The stable performance from Denso is superb and there will be no stress when you start your car. Though price is not so high and the features are completely designed to give best to your car.

It fitting is also good and there would be no leakage. It will also enhance the performance of the engine. Without wait you should click and buy it from Amazon.​

7. BOSCH (4417) FGR7DQP Platinum+4 Spark Plug

Bosch is essentially great spark plug. Needless to explain about its richness as it has best of the world when it comes to its features. Its installation is effortless and no need to make adjustment. It has yttrium enhanced ground electrodes that makes the accessibility easy to the fuel. It saves the fuel consumption and makes your car more active to start it with smoothness. There will be no pressure in the engine and it will enhance the longevity of it. It is very low maintenance so you should try out this product to feel the positive difference.

Apart from this, there are many virtue of using BOSCH this model of spark plug. It gives stable performance simultaneously.​

Best Spark Plug Brand

You should also not forget about the brands of spark plugs. Which is the best spark plug brand? I think it is difficult for many to choose one but I would suggest you some trusted brand of spark plug which is not only good by name but their features will let you fall for this when you will use any of the following given brand then you will not spare yourself by saying that yes this is what you always wanted to have. Here is the list of best spark plug brand, check out the detail.

BOSCH Spark Plugs

BOSCH needs no introduction as it manufactures various things for the vehicles or in automobile industry it has shown its remarkable presence. Basically, it is German based company. Undoubtedly BOSCH comes first in my mind when it comes to have best spark plugs for your car. It gives immense power to your car’s engine and makes it eligible to push the limits. Bosch manufactures many models of spark plugs such as BOSCH Iridium, Platinum+4, Platinum +2, Platinum Plus, Super Plus and more. You will believe when you use its product and will know how it can control the accuracy in performance. It is compatible with all kind of vehicles. It is good for heavy duty as well.

Bosch is good in protecting the wear and tear. The benefits are immense when you use the Bosch spark plugs. It provides quicker start, better and smoother acceleration; enhance cold start potential, no harsh corrosion and durability is best.​

Autolite Spark Plugs

Autolite is American based Company and it manufactures good quality spark plugs and it produces innovative products which is economical. It works so well in the enhancement of the engine functions. When you are replacing your old spark plug to new one then Autolite should your first choice. It is responsive and active in making your car start so frequently. The better ignition and increases the comfort level of driving. Most importantly it saves you from extra expenses of the fuel and very low maintenance it requires. Easy to install. Autolite is best spark plug brand choice for the royal people and comes in budget as well. As I can see there is no drawback I can point when I have Autolite.

NGK Spark Plugs

NGK Spark Plug Co. Ltd is a Japan based Company established in 1936It will save you from hard starting of the car. After its installation you will see the immense difference in the power of the engine and no problem will arise in the middle of the driving as well. This Company manufactures not only spark plugs but also other related products for internal combustible engines. But it has come in India 2006.

When it comes to the NGK Spark Plugs it just builds the strength of the engine. NGK is the right spark plug for the right engine of the vehicles. With the low maintenance it will stay durable. It will be the great replacement with the NGK and its all models are sharp and compatible with most of the vehicles​

Denso Spark Plugs

Denso is again Company of Japan and established in 1949. It does make spark plugs and other auto parts. Denso deals in industrial products. It has built to give best quality products. Its product is durable and value for money. Denso spark plug is so adjustable and installation is good as well. It delivers good performance and enhances the service of the engine. So, no hard starting and smooth driving. The superior fuel economy and it explores more energy. Denso spark plug is guaranteed best service provider.

Types of Spark Plugs

  • Copper Core Spark Plugs
  • Iridium Spark Plugs
  • Platinum Spark Plugs
  • Double Platinum Spark Plugs

The details about every type of the Spark Plugs you should take a look as they are different in cost and quality.

1. Iridium Spark Plugs

Iridium works well in the low temperature and its longevity upto the 40000 to 60000 miles. Iridium is less functional but its longevity is best as compare to other spark plugs. Its material is not very reliable but at the same time it is good for average performance.

2. Copper Core Spark Plugs​

Copper Core spark plugs are empowered with the 20000 to 40000 miles per use. It is very responsive and can give the best performance with the longest conductors. The copper material is protective and does not let your car indulge in over-heating. It is cheapest among the list.

3. Platinum Spark Plugs​

Platinum spark plug is much better in longevity than the copper and it is better in lower temperature. Platinum is durable and perform better all in all.

4. Double Platinum Spark Plugs​

Double Platinum Spark Plugs are more vibrant and the name suggests that it is the improved version of the Platinum Spark plugs. It is double plated spark plugs so it is more protective and generous. Conductors are responsive and known for its longevity. The engine performance with these double pleated spark plugs is very good.

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Final Words 

Hope it answers your questions and queries regarding spark plug reviews and the best spark plug of the lot. At the price point all the above Best spark plugs is in budget. As far as performance is concerned few are less responsive and few are more active. But they are best respectively.

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