Best Apple Watch Series 3 Bands and Straps of 2019

Apple Watch Series 3 got released along with iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in mid September and Apple watch lovers have already started placing their pre-orders so that they can get it delivered at their doorstep at the earliest. If we go by statistics, then we can see that Apple’s smartwatch is one of the largest selling watches in the world, even when we take into consideration simple watches from renowned brands. Smartwatches, in general and Apple Watch in particular has turned out a hot favorite of consumers as it does so much more than simply showing time. It keeps a track on your health, take calls, Siri is always there to assist you to just name a few. And it looks classy as well. Thus it has become an obvious choice of many watch lovers.

Moreover, with your simple watch, you don’t have the option to change its look and style regularly. Apple Watch Series gives you that privilege as well. You can practically change the band of your Series 3 regularly, to suit your attire as well as the place you are going. Apple has a range of first party bands for its smartwatch, but they are very pricey. In the price of one first party band, you can truly build up your inventory to different kinds of band. Here are some of the best Apple Watch Series 3 bands to go with your look:

Best Apple Watch 3 Bands Reviews

1. OULUOQI Soft Silicone Replacement Band

Made from soft silicon this Apple watch strap comes with compression molded perforations through its entire length. This makes the strap breathable and perfect for intense workout sessions. The material with which it is made is very soft, yet strong so that you feel absolutely comfortable while wearing it. It comes with a pin-and-tuck closure that fixes the watch to your wrist perfectly and makes it look absolutely awesome. It comes in a range of colors, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

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2. BRG Stainless Steel Mesh Milanese Loop

BRG’s stainless steel mesh Apple watch band has been a hot favorite amongst Apple Watch users and we are sure that it is going to remain the hot favorite of Apple Watch series 3 users as well. It’s simple and sleek design is in one word elegant and will be the perfect one to pair up with your formal attire. Two stainless steel lugs securely hold onto the Apple Watch dial and it can be easily removed so that you can fit in other straps of your choice. It has magnetic clasp to hold the entire watch on your wrist, thus easily adjustable and perfect for any wrist size without any prior adjustments. The apple watch band is made in specialized machine that it gives a smooth finish and would not cause any irritation on your skin. Lastly, if you go for this one, you will have attractive colors to choose from.

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3. Marge Plus Genuine Leather Apple Watch Strap

Old is gold…. So it is with leather bands. Most people think that their attire is incomplete without a leather watch band. Though they will prefer a smartwatch, rather than a normal one, but they would like to pair up with genuine leather band. All Apple Watch series 3 users need not worry at all as Marge Plus has the best quality genuine leather made by skilled craftsmen. This band comes with silver colored stainless steel buckle and it is ideal for both men and women. The material of the band is soft and absorbs sweat so you will feel comfortable wearing it all round the day. Your Apple Watch will remain totally safe and secured in this strap as screw depth and glue of this band is renewed to ensure the screw never get loose. It comes in two classic colors black and brown. this is one of the best apple watch leather band.

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4. EloBeth Soft Silicone Sport Style Apple Watch Band

This is a funky durable stylish and comfy Apple Watch series 3 band and it is perfect for youngsters and athletes/sportsperson or those of you who visit the gym regularly. It is made of flexible soft comfortable silica gel that is going to last for a long time. The material of the band is resistant to water, sweat, rain and thus it is suitable for those who does intense workout every day. It comes with a pin and tuck closure and fits perfectly on your wrist. It comes in a range of colors and color combinations to match with your style.

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5. Yichan Woven Nylon Fabric Wrist Starp Replacement Band

This best Apple watch series 3 band is made from hand woven nylon threads so as to ensure that none of the thread loosens up with repeated use. Moreover, this method of weaving gives a spongy cushioning to make sure that it causes no irritation to your hand and at the same time allows sweat to escape rather than getting trapped inside the band. This band comes with a square buckle so that you can adjust it according to your preference. The pin of the band will slide into Apple Watch and guarantee 100% security of your expensive and brand new smartwatch. You will have the option a wide range of color combinations to choose from.

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6. Carterjett Apple Watch Band Nylon Nato

We came across another very good quality nylon band from Carterjett that is perfect for wearing all round the day. This nylon band would not cause any irritation on your skin as it is made from very high grade, soft and flexible nylon. The adapters of this band remains attached to the band with strong bars and so there is no chance of the band falling apart. So your Apple Watch is going to remain absolutely safe and secured when tied to this third party Apple watch band. It is available in various colors and size.

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7. Mkeke Premium Vintage Genuine Leather Watchband

If you are planning to sport a retro look, then this vintage genuine leather watchband is something you must have. It is made from very high quality genuine leather by skilled craftsmen. You are going to feel absolutely comfortable even when you are wearing it for the whole day. It is 100% sweat absorbent and has anti slip properties. It is available in two classy colors black and brown which is contrasted with the silver colors stainless steel buckles and it appears very classy. It is an ideal choice for both men and women.

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8. Pugo Top Stainless Steel Metal Classic Band

Pugo Top’s stainless steel metal watch band is classic in the true sense of the term. This style of metal band is quite common and a hot favorite of men, thus making it ideal for those men who want to have the latest technology on their wrist but in their own classic style. This Apple watch series 3 band comes with an easy to wear double fold clasp that safely tucks the watch on your wrist. So can adjust the length of the band according to your wrist size with the help of a small equipment that comes along with this band. It comes in a range of colors but the silver and black are simple the best.

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9. Carterjett Apple Watch Band

Caterjett’s Tire Thread band has a typical sporty look that will definitely lure all the sports enthusiasts as well as others. Moreover, it has all the qualities that a sportsperson would look for in their wrist band: light in weight, water and sweat proof, flexible and strong. All along the band evaporative channels are present that makes this band breathable and ultra comfortable. This band is directly attached to the watch and no screws are used in the process, hence making it a very safe option. It is available in a range of color option and is ideal for both men and women.

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10. Love Blue Double Tour Genuine Leather Band Bracelet

This is an ultra modern double buckle band made from soft genuine leather which guarantees to emanate style and at the same time is super comfortable. The double Apple watch series 3 band also makes sure that the dial remains closely stuck to your wrist so that all the sensors present in the watch can get accurate data from your body. It comes with a metal adapter that fixes the band to the dial and it is also easily removable. Available in a large number of color variants, pick your one and remain stylish.

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11. Lwsengme Stainless Steel Bracelet

Lwsengme’s Stainless Steel Bracelet is for all the women out there who would like a smartwatch on their wrist to keep a tab on their health but in a feminine way. This is a sleek stainless steel band with an elegant design that will be an ideal match for your party attire. It is also extremely comfortable to wear and waterproof. It comes with a buckle that can be easily removed and put together. This bracelet style steel band comes in a range of color options but you are definitely going to fall in love with the classy silver one.

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12. Kartice Crystal Rhinestone Diamond Watch Band

Another feminine Apple watch band which has an exclusive luxury design making it perfect for party wear. The entire length of the band is studded with crystals. You would find very few bands of this style. Thanks to Kartice to come with such a feminine concept that fits perfectly into the Apple Watch series 3. The manufacturer ensures that the crystals are not going to wear off with time and the stainless steel will retain its luster. Compared to its style, the price of the product is not much. So hurry and place your order now.

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All the bands mentioned in the list are compatible with Watch Series 3. All the buyers can also rest assured about the quality of the product. Compared to Apple official products, the price of these third party best Apple Watch Series 3 bands are nothing and you can actually have a range of bands to wear in different places and different attire rather than just having one expensive official Watch series band. Since Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 have the same dimension, the bands are available to all buyers from day one. So place your order for the smartwatch and bands together. Happy shopping with us!!

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