Best Wireless Boosters : 8 Best Wifi Range Extender 2017

The idea of watching a classic while lazing in your garden in a perfect summer afternoon or video chatting with your besties while relaxing by the pool has come across your mind quiet a number of times but then reality has struck you. The poor wifi signal in these places or any further corner of […]

Best Thermal Paste Review 2017 To Keep Your CPU Cool And Maximize Performance

Thermal paste is that compound which helps in filling up the gap between the CPU and the custom cooler. Most of us would not be so conversant about this particular compound, but it is definitely one of the most important components. When the processor of a computer does it work, it automatically gets heated. The […]

Best Drone for sale

Best Drones for sale 2017 : Review and Buying Guide

Drones, despite being one of the latest and hot-selling tech inventions, didn’t catch my attention until I saw people shooting a pre-wedding bash with them. That’s when it struck me hard that how they have managed to sneak into our lives, especially when the general folks like me have been more focused on how some […]