Best Wireless Routers 2017 : Review and Buying Guide

It is impossible to imagine life without WiFi these days. You need the internet up-and-running, always raring to go so that you can streamline as many as movies and web series you want to, you can play online games sitting in the best gaming chair and using your favorite gaming keyboard! All this needs a […]

Best Wireless Earbuds in 2017 :Buying Guide and Review

Best Bluetooth Earphones or earplugs were and will remain the best friend of the human race since the time it was discovered. Sad, happy, lonely, distracted, motivated we have had full faith on this best friend. All we had to do is plug it in our ears and it will start playing numbers according to […]

Best Drone for sale

Best Drones for sale 2017 : Review and Buying Guide

Drones, despite being one of the latest and hot-selling tech inventions, didn’t catch my attention until I saw people shooting a pre-wedding bash with them. That’s when it struck me hard that how they have managed to sneak into our lives, especially when the general folks like me have been more focused on how some […]